What Is A CRM?

what is a crm

Written by Idara Akan - 22/06/2017

What Is A CRM?

A CRM system is a customer relationship management system. It is the collection of all the information about all the people who have encountered your organisation or business.


What Is A CRM – What A CRM Can DO

The main function of a CRM is to:

  • Improve the relationship with the existing customers;
  • Find new customers;
  • And win back former customers.


It does this by collecting, organising, and managing all the information of the customer that will help in giving both the organisation and the client, a good customer service.


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What Is A CRM – How TO Use A CRM

The data collection process usually starts after the goals of each stage in the buyer's workflow have been clearly spelt out. For example, 5M eServices could decide to introduce a CRM system to her customers and prospects and has determined that there will be seven stages that the prospect will pass through before becoming a customer. It could also have been decided that stages 1 to 3, 5 and 6 would involve emails while stages 4 and 7 would involve forms being sent out.


As the emails and forms are being sent out, the information received as responses to the emails and forms will be used to update the CRM system so that by the time the prospect becomes a customer, the information required would have been entered into the CRM's database.


This information could include among others:

  • The prospect's personal details;
  • The product the prospect is interested in;
  • If the prospect knew about the product at the beginning of the buying process;
  • If the prospect had to be educated about the product;
  • If the product fits in with the prospect's situation;
  • If the product has been demonstrated to the prospect;
  • If the prospect is interested in the product and if not, why;
  • If the prospect has acquired the product and if not, why.


The questions are endless and would depend on the experience to be given to the prospect during the buying process.


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What Is A CRM – Getting Your CRM

Would you be interested in tracking your prospects and clients with a CRM of your own?






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