Trial injection sales process:

  1. Detailed sales offer is sent to the Buyer.
  2. Buyer sends the following:
  3. Acceptance to sales process.
  4. Bank endorsed corporate purchase order.
  5. Tank storage agreement (TSA).
  6. Buyer’s TSA is confirmed by Seller’s refinery and acceptance sent to Buyer.
  7. Buyer confirms agreement with Seller stating both parties will equally share and pay for the five-day storage lease from tank owners.
  8. Buyer gets two and a half day invoices for both seller and buyer from tank owners and sends Seller’s copy in Seller’s name. Invoices are paid by both parties.
  9. Seller gives commercial invoice and product arability to Buyer.
  10. Buyer counter signs commercial invoice and sends back to the Seller.
  11. Buyer’s storage tank company through the Buyer sends to Seller/ Seller’s refinery notice of readiness to receive the refined product into their storage.
  12. Seller’s refinery injects the refined product quantity into buyer’s storage tank and sends the following through the Seller:
  13. Fresh cut SGS quality & quantity report less than 48 hours.
  14. Tank Storage Receipt. (TSR).
  15. Product passport and analytical report (PP).
  16. Injection report Rotterdam shore tank (IR).
  17. Five days unconditional DTA.
  18. Authorization to Sell & Collect (ATSC).
  19. Certificate of Origin (COO).
  20. Authorization to verify (ATV).
  21. Buyer makes injected product payment by MT103 or TT wire transfer to Seller’s bank account.
  22. After payment confirmation, the Seller gives title warranty in Buyer’s name is given to Buyer.

On completion of the trial injection process, the long-term monthly injection process begins as thus:

  1. Buyer and Seller sign long term contract.
  2. Buyer’s bank gives required MT760-SBLC to Seller’s bank
  3. Buyer’s TSA and five-day invoices as stated on item 5 above is given
  4. Payment on invoices made.
  5. Process 6 – 11 above is repeated monthly till end of contract.