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If you are a business owner and the activities you are currently performing is WAY different from the ones you performed when you started your business, then this is the most valuable strategy you will read this year to get your groove back...


Process Documentation: How to ALWAYS HAVE the BEST STAFF FOR your business!

Even if they keep leaving!


Dear Currently Frustrated Business Owner,


Are you afraid to sleep at night because you are scared of waking up to another disaster you know will be waiting for you in the office?


Are you wondering what one of your staff will “forget” to do and cause the office to run helter-skelter to douse the fire!


Is it the fact that you end up doing their jobs in the name of showing or explaining how to do things your way and end up never completing your own activities which leaves you disorganised, unreliable and very frustrated.

It seems that is all you do these days: fixing what one of your staff should have done and never get round to doing what you set up the business for in the first place: helping others.


You remember the excitement you used to feel in the early days when you started the business. The pride that you felt when displaying your solutions to your clients, who used to marvel at how you came about such ideas! If only Staff A would carry out process X as you told him. And staff B, what a hypocrite! If you are not standing over his shoulder, he does what he likes in the name of “I forgot”. As for staff C, at least he is trying. He does what he is told but he takes forever!


Getting replacements is something else. Everyone claims they can do what you want! Then the staff on ground are not helpful when it comes to the training of the new staff: once they guess why the new staff is being trained, guess who ends up training the new staff: YOU. And do you have time to do this: NO. Why? Because you are very busy correcting the “I forgots” of your staff instead of creating new solutions for the business. If care is not taken, you will be without a business sooner than you think.


These thoughts or something similar run through the minds of most business owners, especially those in the creative/production/manufacturing setup. But it doesn’t have to be this way. All that is needed is a strategy: if you have your business systems documented, your challenges would be half solved.


Process Documentation: How Do I Know?

  • I worked in the banking industry for over a decade, where I wrote programs and audited systems before venturing into the entrepreneurial world. As a computer science graduate, I collected, analysed and presented data before writing programs. Sometimes, the results of the analysis revealed the unexpected! Anyone who has written and documented a program will appreciate the discipline and effort put into both processes.
  • Your business is made up of four core systems:
  • Guiding The Business system (Strategy and Management). This system leads the business from where you are today to where you wish to be.
  • Getting The Business system (Sales & Marketing). This system gets the prospects and converts them to clients.
  • Doing The Business system (Operations & Customer Service). This system ensures that both the clients and the product meet the required expectation.
  • Running The Business system (Admin/Finance & HR). This system ensures that all assets required to run the business are in place and adequately catered for.

Each of these business systems have an action and reaction relationship among themselves and the results they produce. If the steps or activities taken within each system are consistent, the results generated will be consistent. Where the steps taken within each system is inconsistent, the results produced will also be meaningless. Thus to avoid a garbage in garbage out situation, the goal will be to bring consistency to all the business systems. You do this by having documented business systems.

  • Did you know that within 24hrs, you will forget 75% of what I just said. By the end of the month, within thirty days, you would forget 90% of I just said! Then of the remaining 10% you are able to recall, 50% of that is incorrect! This explains why your staff “forgets” instructions you give them and then do what they “remember”!
  • Habits once cultivated are very difficult to break. Once someone has been trained wrong in your business, it is very hard to change their behaviour. Once a system becomes stable, it becomes very difficult to change. Ensure you have a good system so that your staff, when trained your way, would be very difficult to change. This ensures you will get optimal results all the time.


There Is Hope.

Knowing that you have eight working hours in a work day, what you need to do is to get rid of time vampires. Yes, time vampires: they suck away your time in the guise that what they get you to do will only take “a few minutes”. Like when you answer calls, check your emails, are stuck in dead-end meetings or attend to your staff’s challenges. You can see your time being stored for you in a straw basket while your tasks are piling up!


Let’s take the case of when one of your staff comes to you with a problem or when you insist on showing them, more than once, how to do things your own way! Let us imagine for the sake of brevity that you get interrupted only five times a day by your staff and you spend fifteen minutes with them during each interruption! Impossible! I know it is more in both cases but humour me.


Studies have shown that people spend an average of eleven minutes on a project before they are interrupted. Also, it takes them an average of fifteen to twenty five minutes to regain their focus and sense of workflow.


What this means is that each time your staff consults with you, you spend a minimum of thirty minutes or half an hour, away from your assignment. With five interruptions, you will lose two and a half hours out of your working day to dealing with interruptions from your staff which leaves you with five and a half working hours to catch up on your daily assignments. Thus for an eight hour day, you have lost two and a half working hours; for a forty hour week, you have lost twelve and a half working hours and for a one hundred and sixty hour month, you have lost fifty working hours.


In a month, in terms of time, you have lost fifty irretrievable working hours. In terms of productivity, fifty working hours worth of both your job as well as that of your staff have been lost. In terms of money, both you and the business have lost fifty working hours worth of money. Your staff, on the other hand, gets paid for not doing their work during the fifty working hours you were doing their assignments! I would rather be your staff at this point in time. How does that feel!


You can proactively guide and control the business’ growth and achieve reliable expectations by having a systems development strategy where you

  • Identify all the tasks of your business system
  • Prioritise the system list
  • Manage the systems writing process
  • Implement the process and train your staff using the process
  • Monitor and report on the use of the systems.


With our Business Process Documentation service, you will get:

  1. Business Systems Procedures Manual which
  • Facilitates stabilised business systems which means that your business will grow on autopilot because your business processes have been analysed and documented.
  • Ensures that your staff will be trained your way and that means that you will get consistent and optimal results all the time.
  • Enables you determine which of your business processes can be outsourced and that means that you can now attend to the important work assignments and tasks without interruptions and quadruple to income.
  1. Procedures Manual with user’s role which
  • Includes job descriptions for each role in your business system which allows you to target the right candidates quickly and that means that you will find the right people to take your business forward without wasting time, energy and money.
  • Visually distinguishes job sharing and responsibilities for sub-processes of a business process and that means that you will spend less time on administrative tasks and more time getting work done so you can be home on time to tuck your kids in.
  1. Business Systems Standards which includes
  • Controls that ensure consistency and that means that you are assured that the business is run your way.
  • Key Performance Indicators for each process which allows you to identify the progress of your business system and that means that you don’t second guess which of your business system activities are generating ROI, you learn exactly which of your products is generating revenue at a click of a button.
  1. Performance Reporting Service which
  • Monitors your KPIs and ensures the standards are being adhered to.
  1. Procedures Manual Maintenance Service which
  • Ensures that your manuals are updated periodically e.g. annually.


To help you, the business owner, determine if you are ready to systemise your business, click the button below, answer the questions on the form you will be sent and get a specific, personalised recommendation on whether systemising your business processes is the way to go.




5M eServices will help you determine if you require systems in YOUR business.

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5M eServices assists small businesses document their own Business Systems Procedures Manual. We work with you and your team to build the Business Systems Manual. As part of this service we can:

  • Develop an Operating Procedures Manual either in an offline or online format
  • Provide Operating Procedures Manuals to reflect the duties of each staff member




5M eServices creates operating procedures manual based on YOUR business organisation, not based on some generic company.

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Process Documentation: Who Needs This Service and Who Does Not

This service is ideally suited for existing businesses with between five to thirty staff (or contractors).

  • Do you work harder and longer hours than your staff for less pay?
  • Do you want to improve Your Business but can’t seem to find the time?
  • Do you wonder why Your Business has stopped growing?
  • Has your business taken over your life? Or do you just own a job with overheads?
  • Do you look at other successful businesses and wonder how to get Your Business to the Next Level?


If the answer to any of the above questions is yes… will you continue to try the same things over & over again expecting something different to happen? Or will you do something about it by acting to make a change for the better?




5M eServices creates operating procedures manual based on your business organisation, not based on some generic company.

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When you have a Business Systems Procedures Manual, you will:

  • Increase Your Productivity
  • Reduce Your Costs
  • Reduce Staff Turnover
  • Increase Your Profits and Value of Your Business
  • Reduce Your Business’ Dependence on You
  • Create a Saleable Asset

Ultimately, you will Have a Business that Runs Without You.


Creating business systems is a never-ending process. The system should be reviewed and revised on a regular basis to make sure it continues to function properly and delivers information that is valid and valuable, especially as business conditions change.

Technology changes, customer needs change, the size of your business changes, so your business systems need to evolve along with other aspects of your operations.

To ensure you are always up-to-date with your business system, as part of the service, we:

  • Provide an Operating Procedures Manual maintenance service, to keep your manuals updated throughout the year.
  • Provide Performance Reporting Service against your Operating Business Systems Standards


With our Business Systems Management service, you will:

  • Protect and Grow Your Business
  • Save time and reduce costs
  • Get the most from your staff
  • Get Your Business to operate without you




5M eServices creates operating procedures manual based on your business organisation, not based on some generic company.

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Process Documentation: Don’t You Deserve The Best?

The way I see it, you have three options…

  1. You can do nothing and put up with your sleepless nights. Struggle along and do your best to get through the day (and night). Give your spouse and people you want to respect you the opportunity to say they always knew that you were no good. And don’t forget insomnia, hypertension, diabetes and all the ailments associated with stress will be yours in the bargain.
  2. You can research on the idea I have just given you in this write-up and maybe get some results. Trouble is; like many jobs you are not trained to do, you will get half baked results with harmful side effects. Sure, you might get some short-term relief, it would help a bit, but it won’t do the job for long.
  3. Or you can click the button below, answer the questions and get a specific, personalised recommendation on whether systemising your business processes is the way to go.




5M eServices will help you determine if you require systems in YOUR business.

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And look, 30 days from now, you could be just 30 days older with the same old problems. Putting up with the pain of your indecision, trying to make do, promising yourself that “one day” you might do something about it.


Or you could be having the last laugh with more money in your bank account, demanding more respect from those people who were gleefully rubbing it in your face, without those nasty thoughts keeping you up at night, and getting on with enjoying your life with those who matter.


It really should be an easy decision. Make that “one day” today!


I’m looking forward to meeting you… and introducing you to your business systems.


Click on that button NOW to start living tomorrow!



To Building Business Systems with Value.